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We all know that people buy on emotions and the underlying feelings which precede them.  When you understand your target marketing true emotional need, their Primal Need, you can connect to it.  The result is an effortless marketing and selling process - your customers come to you, predisposed to buy.  By harnessing this power, you will have an immediate impact in your marketplace and on your bottom-line. 

My name is Rodger B. Price, President, or as I like to call myself, the Head Shaman of Primal Marketing. I am a keynote speaker and marketing consultant living in San Diego, California. I teach business owners and entrepreneurs who want a simple marketing system to attract great clients and compel long-term loyalty.  I help them market their products and services for exceptional profits. From this foundation, businesses can also build a dynamic branding position.

Marketing your business in this day and age requires much more than the old methods of awareness marketing.  We live in an over-advertised, over-communicated and over-stimulated world.  The old ways of doing things just don't cut it now.  You need a way to cut through all this noise our society produces to speak directly to your customers and tell them what you do.  The answer is Primal Marketing®. In this  program, you will learn to:

  1. Create an emotional Primal Tactic™ to cut through the noise and get the target customer to listen to your story.

  2. Tell your Primal Story to your target customers so that they respond to emotionally and remember you and your company.  Keynote speakers understand the power of a good story and you should too.

  3. Create a Dynamic Action Plan for each identified target market to systematically dominate each niche.

Emotion and feelings are the key to the customers mind and memory.  Used correctly, they let you connect with your customers and help them remember you and your products in a positive manner.  The result is long-term relationships and long-term profits. 

When you need a business speaker for a keynote speech for your business association convention or meeting that has done it in real-life, you need Rodger. If you want a motivational speaker, a keynote speaker, a breakout speaker all rolled into one, you need Rodger.  His audiences leave motivated and energized to market their businesses and have fun doing it.

Rodger developed the Primal Marketing strategy from over twenty years as a business owner. Starting his business in a recession, things could only go up...and up they went at a measured pace until another recession hit.  Rodger almost lost his company when sales pummeled. Rodger knew he had to become a marketing expert and fast. After months, days, and hours and hours of research, study, interviews, seminars and everything he could get his hands on in the field of marketing and psychology, Rodger developed and implemented his first Primal Marketing plan.  Within two years, Rodger's companies sales doubled, his profits increased 500% and he bought out a competitor who could not keep up. When you need a professional business speaker for your business association convention, demand one who has succeeded in real-life. Demand Rodger B. Price.


PS:  In this time of recession, uncertain economic environment, and downright fear, the time is to market better in the recession, not hide and wait for things to get better.


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Rodger is two-time Past President of the San Diego Chapter
of the National Speakers Association and the 2005and 2006 Chapter Member of the Year




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